Living With Us… Black Bear (Makwa)

There are three species of bears found in Canada, the Polar Bear in the Arctic region, the Grizzly Bear in the West and the smallest of the bunch, the Black Bear which can be found throughout most of Ontario in forested areas. Adult males weigh from 120 kg to 300 kg (250-650 lbs.) while adult … Read more

The Bat Boat!

This summer Four Rivers piloted a new river transect protocol for evening bat surveys in the Matawa homelands.  A microphone and device that records ultrasonic calls is attached vertically to a boat that then travels at a steady speed shortly after sunset for a set distance along a river.  Information on bats flying near the … Read more

CABIN Training

You may not have seen much of us in person lately, but Four Rivers has been quite active within the homelands of the Matawa member First Nations this summer!  With personal interactions becoming safer to do outside, Four Rivers had the opportunity to host training for Matawa members the week of August 9-12, 2021, in … Read more