Meet Four Rivers Group

At the heart of Four Rivers lies a diverse and passionate team united by purpose. With backgrounds ranging from ecology to policy, through collaboration and action, we strive to foster sustainability for generations to come.

Our Focus

Over the last decade, our delivery of programs has been dependent on an extremely high degree of adaptability. Our focus has always been to deliver innovative solutions that keep Matawa communities’ vision and values at the forefront. We proudly offer our award-winning services to communities and organizations looking for holistic, long-term oriented solutions to meet their unique needs.

Our Team

At Four Rivers, we take pride in the strength of our team – a group of individuals who not only bring exceptional expertise to the table, but also hail from diverse backgrounds that enrich every aspect of our work.

Our Story

Since 2011, Four Rivers has been providing environmental services to the nine Matawa member First Nation communities through community initiative support & capacity building programs to assist with actively managing the lands and waters within their homelands. We are a growing team with diverse backgrounds in environmental sciences, monitoring, geomatics, mining & communications. 

In early 2017, Four Rivers Inc. was created as a stream of Four Rivers to expand our service offerings beyond the Matawa member First Nations in a cost-effective and competitive manner. Since its inception, Four Rivers has delivered on many visionary and ground breaking projects. Four Rivers has been the proud recipient of an Environmental Stewardship award from the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, and a GIS Excellence Award from ESRI Canada. 

At Four Rivers, we strive to engage in projects through a holistic, community-based approach to:

  1. Be open and honest in all aspects of our work; 
  2. Be responsive to individual community needs and capacity barriers; 
  3. Build capacity through training and create legacy projects for communities; and
  4. Provide innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable community-based solutions. 

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