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At Four Rivers, we strive to engage in projects through a holistic, community-based approach.

Since 2011, Four Rivers has been providing environmental services to the nine Matawa member First Nation communities through community initiative support and capacity building programs to assist with actively managing the lands and waters within their homelands.

Four Rivers at Work

We strive to weave traditional knowledge and western science to create a sustainable methodology and work environment. By maintaining relationships and keeping communication at the forefront, we are able to meet goals cohesively and effectively. 

Four Rivers Drone Program

Over the summer of 2021 Four Rivers undertook an ambitious project to certify members of our team through Transport Canada as drone pilots with Advanced Operations status.  This involved intense written exams, flight practice, and final flight testing in addition to the development from the ground up of safe operational procedures for our Four Rivers drone fleet.  Today, Four Rivers is the home to 6 drone pilots with advanced operations.