Our Team

The Four Rivers team consists of a very passionate and dedicated group of professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds.

Sarah Cockerton, 2018

Sarah Cockerton,

Manager, Four Rivers Environmental Services Group


Sarah has been with Matawa First Nations Management for over eleven years and currently oversees operations of all divisions of Four Rivers.  Raised in a multi-generational entrepreneurial family in southern Ontario, Sarah moved to Thunder Bay in 2000.  She then pursued an Honours degree in Science at Lakehead University, graduating from the Water Resource Science Program.  Her undergraduate work included an intensive Honours thesis, studying geochemical rock-water interactions at the former open-pit mines at Steep Rock, near Atikokan, Ontario.  Sarah also holds an associates certificate in Project Management.  Sarah is well versed in scientific concepts, tools and techniques related to field collection, laboratory analysis, the organization of data and GIS.   Since serving at Matawa First Nations Management, she has worked very closely with multiple First Nations on planning and developing community lands and resource offices and support systems.  She has been responsible for the development of regional environmental programs and services throughout the Matawa member First Nations homelands in northern Ontario, which included the development of the Four Rivers department in 2011, and Four Rivers Inc. in 2017.


Kimberly Jorgenson, M.Sc.

Environmental Services Coordinator


With over fifteen years of experience in the environmental sector, Kim applies her diverse skill set to a variety of projects at Four Rivers Group. Since 2011, Kim’s role has included the oversight and coordination of environmental projects, from environmental site investigations and assessments to community-based Cultural Impact Assessments.  She regularly coordinates and facilitates large gatherings (from community open house events to large-scale conferences) to communicate complex environmental processes and issues such as climate change and environmental monitoring. Kim is fluent in the fields of biology, environmental legislation, research science and geographic information systems. As a skilled field researcher in aquatic environments, including the collection, analysis and interpretation of scientific data and its synthesis, Kim develops a variety of technical reports and presentations on technical topics. Kim holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree from the University of Manitoba, and a Master of Science degree in Biology from Lakehead University. Kim was previously employed in the environmental consulting sector, where environmental baseline data collection and contaminated site compliance monitoring were part of her regular duties.

Peter Moses, 2018

Peter Moses,

Mineral Development & Information Support Officer


Peter is a member of Pic River First Nation. Peter attended Confederation College and graduated with a Technical High School Diploma and continued his education at George Brown College graduating in Instrumentation Technology. After a brief retirement from the Pulp and Paper Industry as an Instrumentation Technician and Instrumentation Supervisor in 2003, he joined the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines as the First Nation Minerals Information Officer. His role was to provide education, information, advice, and expertise regarding geology, mineral exploration and mining to First Nation Communities throughout Ontario. Peter retired from MNDM in February 2014, and joined Matawa First Nations Management as the Mineral Development Information Support Officer within Four Rivers Environmental Services Group.  In 2017, Peter received the prestigious Skookum Jim Award from PDAC recognizing his significant contribution to Canada's mineral exploration and mining industry through his work with companies, government, and Aboriginal communities.


Jennifer Duncan,

Geomatics/ Project Manager


With over 6 years of experience in the environmental and mineral sector, Jennifer applies her geomatics knowledge to a variety of projects at Four Rivers Group. Over the past 4 years, Jennifer’s role at Four Rivers has included capacity building, training, community engagement and project coordination of several initiatives, all with a geomatics component. Jennifer is fluent in the field of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and is a talented cartographer, having created hundreds of custom maps along with two ESRI Canada award-winning maps (published nationally in their annual calendar). As a skilled Geomatics Professional, Jennifer has worked on a variety of different mapping projects including, but not limited to: mineral exploration and tenure mapping; traditional knowledge data collection and mapping; interactive online mapping applications; and, field data collection using GPS and UAV technology. Jennifer has an Honours Bachelors of Arts degree in Geography from Lakehead University and completed her undergraduate thesis research on Traditional Knowledge with a remote Eastern Arctic Inuit community.  Jennifer was previously employed in the mineral exploration consulting sector for over 3 years, where GIS, research and report writing were part of her regular duties.

Laura Prior, 2018

Laura Prior,

Communications Specialist


Laura Prior started work with Matawa First Nations Management in 2013 in the Communications Department. By 2014 she transitioned to the Environmental Services Group, Four Rivers as the Environmental Coordination Officer, to focus on outreach and capacity building initiatives. Her experience and expertise in the communications field pairs well with many environmental projects in the department. She can provide assistance in various communication areas, from creative design projects to information sessions to youth engagement. Laura graduated from Lakehead University with her HBA degree in Sociology. Her previous work experience includes marketing and customer service. Both her schooling and past employment bring valuable knowledge to Four Rivers, strengthening the department’s scope.


Kevin Wabasse,

Linguistics Officer


*BRACE Climate Change Network MFNM Lead

Kevin is the Linguistics Officer at Four Rivers Group., and is a member of Nibinamik First Nation (Summer Beaver) in northern Ontario. Kevin provides both oral and written Ojibway and Oji-Cree translation and interpretation of documents. He also provides communications and public relations support for various Four Rivers projects. He is bi-lingual and is able to speak in Oji-Cree and English fluently. He is capable of reading and writing in syllabics in the eastern Oji-Cree dialect. He has the ability to provide translation of documents into syllabics and provide interpretation for staff that aren’t able to communicate effectively with Elders from the Matawa member First Nation communities who only speak in Oji-Cree, Cree, or Ojibway. Kevin has over 7 years of experience in Administrative Support Services for multiple of First Nations organizations and communities.

Jasmine Baxter, 2018

Jasmine Baxter,

Geomatics Intern


*Matawa Water Futures Student

Jasmine Baxter a Geomatics Intern with Four Rivers and she is also pursing university studies at Lakehead University as a Matawa Water Futures student.  Previously, Jasmine was Four Rivers; Office Administrator where she was responsible for coordinating project logistics and financial management. Jasmine has a background in social work, having graduated from Confederation College’s Native Child & Family Services program.  As a proud member of Marten Falls First Nation and a mother of five children, Jasmine brings her superior multi-tasking and organizational skills to the Four Rivers team. Jasmine is passionate about watershed stewardship initiatives and Indigenous language preservation.

20210611_Erin D_headshot photo

Erin Desjardins,

Stewardship Intern


*Matawa Water Futures Student

Erin was born and raised in Thunder Bay and spent a great deal of time growing up in Auden and along the shores of Lake Nipigon.  She was hired by Four Rivers as the Stewardship Intern in July 2019, where she quickly got her feet wet (literally) by initiating a fisheries field program in her home community of Eabametoong First Nation.  She provides support on a variety of environmental projects, but her focus area is in aquatics.  She also helps the Matawa communities build on capacity by assisting and providing training pertaining to environmental monitoring.  Prior to starting with Four Rivers, Erin worked with other First Nation organizations in various capacities including the Energy East Pipeline Project, the mining sector and waste management.  She has an Honours Bachelor of Environmental Science degree from Lakehead University, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in biology through the Matawa Water Futures initiative.  Her research is focusing on biomarker responses of freshwater mussels in eutrophic waters, using Pyganodon grandis (giant floater) and Lampsilis siliquoidea (fat mucket) as her test species.

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Graeme Saukko-Sved,

Geomatics/ Environmental Technician


Graeme has nine years of experience managing and leading field crews in many types of field surveys including, detailed vegetation inventories, fish inventory, soil and terrain mapping, species at risk, forest inventory, aquatic/ terrestrial habitat mapping and geomatics. Graeme has a strong understanding of terrestrial ecology on the boreal shield and has a wealth of experience in other ecozones across Canada. He is also very proficient with GIS, specializing in data processing, aerial photographic interpretation and cartography.

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Dinesh Gunawardena,

Environmental Information & Systems Specialist


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Amanda Misnakoshkang,

Geomatics Intern


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