Winter Field Work Update

This March, Four Rivers conducted field research in both Webequie and Constance Lake First Nations. To aid in gathering data on wolves in the area, 40 trail cameras were deployed near Webequie, while 20 cameras were deployed around Constance Lake.  

Thanks to the amazing community guides whose experience and knowledge of the land helped inform the invaluable data collection to help address community environmental priorities in the future! 

For more information or to chat about Four Rivers’ guardians and environmental monitoring programs, contact Graeme Saukko-Sved at [email protected].  


Samson Jacob (WFN) and Graeme Saukko-Sved (Four Rivers) looking at a map of potential locations for wolf dens. 


Samson explaining how the water flows through Winisk Lake


Fresh wolf tracks on Winisk Lake


A curious Northern Hawk Owl observing the field crew


The Four Rivers truck on the Pinemuta River crossing on the 808 winter road