Mapping & Geomatics

Four Rivers offers award winning mapping and geomatics services which are comprehensive in nature.  The goal of these services is to provide the support that communities need to gather, store, analyze and display important land, resource and values data to ultimately make informed decisions about their lands and waters. These services can be customized and include map, data and project support as well and training opportunities.

Four Rivers has established secure data storage solutions for information including: GIS data, environmental research data, and traditional knowledge & values data.  It is crucial for communities to have access to an organized bank of environmental information in order to participate in climate change adaptation planning, community-based land use planning, source water protection initiatives and in the environmental assessment of proposed resource developments.

Four Rivers also provides assistance with Traditional Values Collection projects for First Nation communities.  Four Rivers has developed a number of different methods for collecting community data depending on community and Elder preferences.

Customized training can be provided for communities to collect and manage their own data.  Community members can also be provided with access to secure off-site servers to store highly sensitive information, without the worry of data and information being misplaced or lost in the community.

"We needed maps and Four Rivers made us maps. Our family is very concerned about our trap lines but also about Land Use Planning. Tourism LIP (permits) and commercial fishing as well. We need to know where all these things are at and what is happening in our ancestoral territories. We will be directly impacted by the North – South corridor coming out of the Ring of Fire. Four Rivers has been very helpful. We get information that is critical for us to know that we can’t get elsewhere. The Four Rivers maps are such a valuable tool for us.”
Ruth Baxter
Elder, Marten Falls First Nation

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