New Garden Domes in 4 Matawa Communities!

Last fall, Four Rivers finished building four new garden domes in the Matawa member road-access communities. Aroland, Ginoogaming, Long Lake #58 and Constance Lake will all be able to try their hand at gardening soon. These 26 foot “igloo-shaped” domes can withstand our temperatures and weather, and are able to sustain winds up to 200 km/hr winds, or 9 feet of snow on top.

Due to the design, which helps keep heat inside, the growing season can start in March and go up until November, extending growing time significantly. With assistance from a Healthy Communities Initiative grant, Four Rivers was able to purchase and built these beautiful new structures, and help these Matawa member communities improve their food sovereignty. Hopefully the skilled community gardeners will be able to pass on their knowledge to the youth, and grow some medicines or nutritious food… Happy planting!

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