Exciting Map Feature from Four Rivers

This June 2022, keep your eyes out for a special map featured in the ESRI 2022 Calendar. Jennifer Duncan, Project Manager/Geomatics with Four Rivers Environmental Services Group, recently created the map titled “Watersheds within the Matawa Homelands and Traditional Territory”. This beautiful map has been selected and officially printed in Esri Canada’s annual Map Calendar! It is the feature map for June 2022. We have copies of this calendar displayed in the Four Rivers suite. To request a copy of this map, please email [email protected].

The Matawa Homelands and Traditional Territories are in northern Ontario and are home to the nine member First Nation communities of the Matawa Tribal Council. This dynamic map shows the magnitude of water within the homelands and is integral to communicating the powerful message that “Water is Life”. The focus at Four Rivers, Matawa’s environmental services department, has always been to deliver innovative solutions that keep their communities’ vision and values as the focus. This map aims to support Matawa’s language revitalization goals as well as their environmental stewardship priorities, combining language and water into one creative piece while highlighting the Ojibway translations for each watershed and First Nation community