Academics in Environmental Studies, Stewardship or Science

As part of our commitment to long term environmental capacity building, through the Matawa Water Futures Project, Matawa First Nations Management will be working with Laurier, Lakehead and Laurentian Universities on advancing academic learning opportunities for Matawa members.  It is our hope that this will lead to new types of environmental programming that is more responsive to community member needs and constraints.  As part of this initiative there may be some immediate undergraduate and graduate learning opportunities where individuals meet specific academic AND project eligibility.  Through agreements between universities and the individuals’ current employer it is our hope that students can work on projects related to their studies, while also advancing their academic pursuits.

We are now accepting expressions of interest from Matawa members

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from Matawa members who are eligible and able to pursue academic studies while also working on related projects within Matawa member First Nation homelands.  Interested individuals are encouraged to submit expressions of interest by December 14, 2018 at noon.

It is anticipated that other learning opportunities will become available over the course of the Matawa Water Futures project.  Any individual interested in environmental learning opportunities regardless of eligibility for academic or project pursuits are encouraged to contact us.

For additional information on eligibility please see our learning oppurtunity notice on the Matawa First Nations Management Website

Submitting and Expression of Interest
Please submit expressions of interest for this learning opportunity to [email protected] by December 14, 2018 at noon.  Please ensure to include your name and contact information, Matawa member community name, details on your educational background, role/title at current job and name of your employer.  Please also describe what you are interested in studying.  Please also verify that you meet project and academic eligibility.  Attaching a copy of your current CV/Resume would be helpful.