Living with us… Grey Wolf (Ma’iingan)

The grey wolf is the largest wild member of the canid family and the ancestor of the domestic dog. It’s survival and success as a predator is dependent on its organization into packs; family groups that usually consist of 8-10 wolves. Packs patrol territories which they maintain with scent markings. By hunting in packs, the grey wolf is able to take a wide variety of prey that may be up to 10 times the wolf’s weight such as moose or caribou. Grey wolves howl to announce their presence and defend their territories. Heard at a distance of up to 10 kilometers, howling allows rival packs to stay separated and avoid confrontation.

Did you Know in June of 2013, Xavier Sagutch from Eabametoong First Nation, spotted a family of “small wolves” while paddling through traditional territory on the Albany River (see photo). Unsure of what species they may be, Xavier thinks they could be the small wolves Eabametoong elders have spoken of.  Four Rivers would like to continue to help Xavier gather information about these “small wolves.” If you have any stories, photographs or information, please contact Four Rivers at [email protected].