Living with us… Bald Eagle (Migisi)

The Bald Eagle is Canada’s largest bird of prey.  It is often found near water and feeds mainly on fish and carrion (dead animals).  Bald Eagles do not get their characteristic white head and tail feathers until they are at least four years old.  Pairs of Bald Eagles mate for life, raising 1 to 3 young in a large stick nest high-up in the trees.  Bald Eagles are considered a “species of special concern” in Ontario, meaning they are sensitive to human activities.

Photo taken by Xavier Sagutch on the southeast shore of Eabamet Lake, near Eabametoong First Nation.

This Living With Us Article was originally posed the the Matawa Messenger in March of 2012 as the first of its series.  It has since been re-featured in the Matawa Messenger in March of 2018.